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26 September 2009

Los Angeles Drunk Driving Lawyer

Scott Spindel is the founding member of the law firm and has extensive courtroom and trial experience, having handled drunk driving and criminal cases and trials in throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Imperial, Kern, and Santa Barbara and Sacramento counties.

While attending Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Mr. Spindel found his calling in the field of criminal defense and focused his attention in this field as a clerk at the San Diego County Public Defenders office and a Judicial Extern in the Chambers of the Honorable Patricia Benke of the 4 th District Court of Appeal. In the Public Defenders Office, Mr. Spindel worked in all areas of criminal defense, including assisting in the trial defense of clients charged with murder and crimes under the 3-strikes law.

In order to provide the "best defense", I have educated and associated myself with the top organizations and experts specializing in the fields of drunk driving & criminal defense. I am a graduate from the National College for DUI Defense (Summer Session 2003), have attended national conventions of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and completed training and certification in the maintenance and operation of the DataMaster breath machine from the manufacturer (National Patent Analytic Systems, Mansfield, Ohio, January 2004). In order to better represent you, I have been certified in the training and administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and completed advanced training which allowed him to become one of the only certified Instructors, in Southern California (Student Course: Las Vegas Nevada, 2003 and Instructors Course: Nashville, Tennessee, 2004). Basically, I have received, the same, and in most cases more, training in the operation of breath testing devices and field sobriety tests than the officer that stopped and possibly arrested you in this case.

Visit: http://www.ladrunkdrivinglawyer.com

Additional Questions or need further information?

Scott Spindel
Law Offices of Scott R. Spindel
16255 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1018
Encino, CA 91436
Phone: 866-348-6614
Fax: 818-783-5223

Source: http://www.lawinfo.com/expert/laduilaw/

Domains Yahoo

If you’re slow, then you must not have heard about this yet. But if you have domains with Yahoo!, then I guess it’s safe to assume that you have.

Starting July of last year, Yahoo! domains have increased their annual renewal fees by 350% taking them from the initial $9.95 to a shocking $34.95 per renewal. It came as a big smacker to everyone who has always been using Yahoo! as their main domain registrar, why such an increase all of a sudden?

Well apparently, Yahoo! hasn’t been hiding the fact that fees were going to be increasing and has, in fact, sent reminder e-mails to those coming up to renewals at 90, 60 and 30 day intervals before payment was to be due. The reason for the sudden jump in renewal fees has been put down simply to basic costs. Yahoo! is increasing these prices to match how much it actually costs for them to offer this kind of service. According to Yahoo the $25 price increase is primarily being instituted to match the cost of doing business, and that registering domains (the process of creating a new Web address) can cost even more with other Web sites.

However, other competitors have much lower prices, including GoDaddy.com, Name.com or Google Apps, all of which charge annual fees of around $10.

Since domain registration is not the core of Yahoo’s small-business site, the company said its prices can not be as low as those of sites that focus on registering domains Yahoo, however, in order to continue to attract new customers into buying domains Yahoo! will first offer it’s initial year fee at $9.95, eventually increasing to $34.95 after that. To the newbies who have not realized yet what they were getting themselves into have continued to purchase their Yahoo domain names.

It is also further pointed out that there doesn’t seem to be a possible way to advance-renew your domains at Yahoo, so you have no chance to bypass the price increase. Don’t you just love it? :grin:

source: http://cute-spot.com/domains-yahoo.php